Are Americans Just Stupid?

A lot of people may be asking what they meant by, “Are American citizens stupid?” In fact, many of them have asked the same thing about themselves as Americans. Well, I have good news for them: No, they’re not stupid, but many of them have failed to recognize very obvious truths.

In this article, we will talk about the idea of Americans being stupid and explain what are the factors related to establishing this stereotype. While many people will answer with a firm yes or no, things cannot be overgeneralized and set a truth.

In general, America is known to be a land of anti-believers and anti-intellectuals that belong to many groups and political parties and are known for opposing many ideas, inventions, and decisions made by the government as a result of the severe distrust of both parties.

1)  Failing to have a self-confidence

The simple truth is that a large number of people in America have failed to exercise the self-confidence necessary to see things objectively or to have the courage to follow the proven path to the truth. Many people in other nations have chosen to blindly follow leaders, and this has led them to failure.

These problems of anti-intellectuality are all a direct result of the way in which the Western leadership protects itself from being questioned. When people begin to question the power of unearned wealth and power, and the very basis of the financial system upon which this nation rests, this is when the power of free speech is most threatened.

When the truth is spoken about the way in which the United States of America is currently run, it simply does not matter how many economic books are sold, how many political speeches are made, or how many times the World Bank loans are distributed.

2)  Political distrust

The political system in America may be blamed for the fact that many citizens have zero trusts in the way politicians run the country and hence they tend to oppose any decision made by the government.

To mention, in a similar way that many people opposed the idea of having their children vaccinated just because they do not trust the government and for the fact that many people tend to believe and follow religious or political figures that influence them to do take a wrong decision that is not based on a scientific basis.

Being said that, maybe it is time for us to admit that there is a problem with a government that cannot get the job done. The political system in the United States of America is no better than a banana republic.

No one has been able to hold the government accountable and for this reason, many people hold the belief that the government is evil and it tends to harm the people. In the same fashion, fake news and incredible media get to circulate around and many people hold stiff and opposing views and are seen as rather stupid and anti-intellectual.

3) Financial burdens

One should rather take a serious look at what this nation has become. Americans now spend more on healthcare than almost any other nation in the world. Also, there are now have two major health insurance companies that have merged to form one giant entity that will raise rates for anyone who is a middle-class citizen.

If you are a person who gets coverage through an employer, they can raise your rates to the maximum or give you coverage to no avail, because they do not want to lose business. If you do not have coverage, well you will find yourself out in the street, alone and scared.

4)  The idea of the intellectual elite

In the United States, there have been many people that argued against the idea of the intellectual elite. Many refer to such people as intellectual quacks. Or as many people rather like to call them intellectual parasites because they have taken intellectualism to a new level.

Such parasites have deviated from the proper intellectual course of action. Rather than embrace free-market capitalism and the rule of law, these parasites have chosen to parasitically depend upon a corporate ruling class for intellectual support and take control of most of the things that are running the country and it is at this point that many Americans have become against the idea of anti-intellectual and have become stiff in grasping any concept or practice that has been presented by the ruling class or the class of the intellectuals.

Some people might argue that there is no doubt that many Americans today are indeed suffering from a case of stupidity, and they don’t realize it, but they are suffering from their own kind of brainwashing.

It appears as though all too many citizens of the United States are willing to live and let live, but they are willing to change nothing, and their ignorance has them supporting a lifestyle that has too little of a resistant, critical thinking and scientific thinking that will help a nation to progress.

5)  Let´s look at the bright side

In fact, America is one of the greatest countries ever created in the history of mankind and they have a lot of talent. Unfortunately, some of that talent has been sapped by the media, politics, education, and other forces that would like to tear us down.

Although many people may argue that many Americans are ignorant and stupid, yet that is just the minority and should not be over-generalized or taken as a serious stereotype. In essence, America is a melting pot with many people coming to it from all over and contributes to building the economy and society.

Being said that, one should rather look at the bright side and know for sure how powerful this nation is. Its power and economy are powerful politics have allowed America to rank as one of the most powerful nations around the whole world. And of course, if all Americans were stupid, that would not be the case.

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