Steve Jobs And His Five “Never”

Steve Jobs has based his success on five “never” that we can draw on every day to achieve our dreams.

The founder of Apple, during his lifetime, was much more than just a big boss among others. If he is still so recognized today, it is because, beyond the creations that made him and his company successful, he was an extraordinary person who believed that it is hard to surpass oneself and enthusiasm that can move mountains.

Steve Jobs, now deceased, was someone with a strong and remarkable personality. This outwardly simple man climbed to the top thanks to his perseverance and will. Here are the teachings that we can keep from him and that will help us develop, to always surpass ourselves in order to constantly blossom.

Never stop dreaming

We must have dreams throughout our lives. It is these dreams that will pull us up, that will push us to wake up every morning with the enthusiasm to do everything we can to make it happen.

Dreams are important because they are what motivate us, they are our source of energy. Achieving dreams is never easy, but we must learn to see the obstacles on our path as things that will strengthen our determination, not as potential discouragement. Trusting our dreams to carry us is also about learning to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and thus understanding what we can do to make those dreams come true, to fight for them.

As a child, you had dreams that may have been lost. Remember those dreams: why don’t you have them anymore? Do you have others well hidden under the varnish of everyday life? Recover that childhood enthusiasm and arouse your curiosity, don’t give up your dreams.

Never cling to the past

It is an immutable rule: we cannot change the past, we cannot go back. Whatever our past is, it must not pull us down or hold us back. We can cherish it or hate it, but nothing can replace the beautiful promise of the future.

We have all made mistakes or experienced failures, but we must use these lessons from the past as stepping stones for the future, which will help us overcome the obstacles we face.

In the same way, we must learn to detach ourselves from our memories, happy or unhappy. If they hold us back, they prevent us from envisioning the future we would like. We need to make peace with our past and confine it to what it is: a past, not something that defines us intrinsically.

Never give up

Giving up is tempting. The obstacles that stand in our way could easily be avoided if we renounce our desires, our dreams. But we must have confidence in ourselves and in our dreams because we will always overcome these difficulties to reach our goal.

Fear should not prevent us, even if it takes a lot of willpower. Steve Jobs advises us to start with what we are most afraid of so that the rest will be easier. Once this is done, we realize that everything is surmountable.

Never standstill

Immobility of body and mind is bad because it makes us stagnant in our comfort zone. Physically and morally, dare to get out of this comfort zone, dare to move. You will develop new skills, you may discover new passions, and you will nourish your body and mind with the good you do for them.

Exercise, even if it’s a gentle walk. Engage in creative activities, for example, to rejuvenate your body and mind. Offer new opportunities for wellness, which will bring you joy and pride, and a sense of accomplishment.

Never simulate

In life, we must be honest, with others and with ourselves. Expressing ourselves with sincerity, without hurting others, is the best way to create strong bonds with others.

Surround yourself with people dear to you and show them who you really are so they know you so they know who you really are. Let these people help you if you need help and see them as real sources of inspiration to go further and further in fulfilling your dreams.

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