How To Stay Positive Around Negative Energies

Negative energies pollute us daily and prevent us from developing as we would like. Here are the keys to overcome them.

We are surrounded by negative situations, which pump energy into us and threaten our inner balance. And yet, we all have people around us who go through life’s obstacles with a smile on their face and an optimism that is always present, even in the most difficult situations. How do they do it and what can they teach us?

Negative situations invade us, in the simple traits of a person who complains, another who only criticizes what surrounds him or her, yet others who hurt themselves and others voluntarily. And yet, some people remain positive, optimistic, and get through these situations without coming out weakened.

We are all affected by negative emotions; they have a strong influence on our daily life, on our thoughts, and on the decisions we make. But optimistic people know how to deal with these negative emotions, without letting them get in the way.

Avoiding negative people

That’s the first thing you have to do to stay positive, and that’s what optimistic people do. They have the courage to say goodbye to people who put negative energies into their lives. It’s the courage we don’t all have because the people who hurt us are often very dear and adored.

It is not necessarily a matter of totally cutting off all ties with these people, but of taking distance, of refusing their negativity. This requires a lot of courage, it is true, but one gains an immense power: that of being able to see these people when one wants to, by being prepared in advance. Having control gives us power over what they will tell us.

Creating inner happiness

Positive people know how to create their inner happiness, and not only relate it to an external context. Some people seek happiness through external situations (such as a meal with friends, a walk…), but as soon as this moment ends, happiness ends, causing a sudden drop in morale. Seeking happiness outside of oneself is risky, as it increases feelings of insecurity and can create addictions.

Creating inner happiness means realizing oneself in order to learn how to tap into one’s own being as a source of positive energy. Serenity and inner peace will allow you to have more distance from negative stimuli.

Believe in yourself

This is one secret of positive people they believe in themselves. In contact with others, we all have heavy burdens to bear: these negative vibrations that are sent to us by those who do not believe in us, who criticize us, limit us, pity us, or who will never have a positive thought towards us.

We are the only actors of our success; it is thanks to our faith in ourselves that we will move forward and get through the negative situations in which no one believes in us. You don’t need others to believe in you; you need to believe in yourself first.

Don’t expect others to say yes to you.

We cannot constantly depend on others and expect them to validate our decisions, our behavior, to tell us what to do. When we depend on others, we are more fragile and more likely to be manipulated. Especially if you ask others for approval all the time, you can no longer decide on your own.

Being positive means only taking what you want from the discourse of others. Choose what is useful to you, what allows you to grow, or what pushes you forward, accept and thank constructive criticism but do not ignore unnecessary criticism. By becoming independent, you wean yourself off this need for other people’s approval and gain strength.

Taking Care of Yourself

It may seem strange that building optimism requires physical activity, and yet! Doing sports allows you to release endorphins, the hormone of well-being, but also to learn how to manage your stress, your anxieties, and to increase the pride you can have for yourself. Being in contact with nature also allows you to take time for yourself, to think about yourself, to realize yourself. Exercise, especially outdoors, allows you to discharge all the negative energies you have accumulated in order to start over and recharge your batteries.

Do hobbies you enjoy, fill your lives with passion in order to find positive energy, having stored these reserves of optimism will serve you every day.

Don’t be afraid to miss out

Failure is part of our lives. We all make mistakes. The difference between positive and negative people is how they deal with it. Positive people accept failure, face their mistake, and acknowledge it. They understand the negative emotions that may have caused the failure and know that they will not make the same mistake again.

When mistakes are made, it is important to learn to take responsibility for them. Nothing is more limiting than someone who is acting like a child and does not recognize their mistake. If we hide the fact that a mistake is not our fault, we will not have the keys to overcome it. Accepting that we handle what happened, even if it wasn’t what we wanted, gives us a push to move forward.

Every problem has a solution

To be positive is to know that “even in the darkest moments, you can still have hope. Just remember to turn on the light”. For positive people, a problematic situation or obstacle always has a solution, if only because it can’t last forever. These people are ready to take the bull by the horns to find a solution to a complicated situation, to overcome a pitfall.

When we face an obstacle, we must learn to consider all possible solutions and not be afraid to decide. Even if we fail, we will at least have the satisfaction of trying to overcome the obstacle. And it will make us want to do it again and again because we will have understood that we have the power, that we are actors in our own lives.

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