Unraveling the Peculiarities of My Divorce Journey

The strangest part of my divorce

  • Dave Norris

I was married for eleven years when my wife divorced me. I met a woman who was getting divorced after 17 years of marriage. She and I married. Nothing strange so far. My new wife’s ex-in-laws loved her dearly. They started inviting us to their houses. They all began to love me. We became very, very close. Her ex lived out of town so he wasn’t around. I started mowing the ex-mother -in-law’s lawn every week. We all got along great. Then the mother-in-law died. The family asked me to be a pall bearer. The ex-husband had moved back to town with his new wife. He invited me to sit shiva with them.

Sometime later her ex divorced his new wife. Then my stepson got married so we were all thrown together again, me, my wife, her ex-husband, the ex-husband’s second ex-wife along with the ex-brothers and ex-sisters-in-law. That was when I first met my step-son’s half sister. He was 32. She was 8. She was (and is) the cutest little fireball I have ever met. She absolutely stole my heart. We finally got a chance to meet ex-wife#2 and doggone, but she’s a peach. The four of us, me, wife, ex-husband’s ex and daughter, became inseparable. The very best of friends, along with all the ex’s brothers and sisters.

Fast forward a few years and step-son and wife have a child. Now, I share a grandchild with wife’s ex. We start hanging out some. Sonofagun, but we become friends. I remember checking into a motel when we were going to visit the grandchild. The desk clerk, said, “Oh, Mr. Norris. Mr. B…. said you would be checking in today and that we should ring him when you arrive.” Just then the ex walks into the lobby, throws his arm around my shoulder and introduces us to the clerk as “brother husbands.”

Yeah, the strangest thing about my divorce? I lost one family of in-laws but gained another family who I love as if we were related by blood. And that family is my wife’s ex-in-laws. Wonderful people. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Oh, my what about my ex and me? What can I say? She left me 34 years ago for another man. My granddaughter asked me not too long ago, “If Grandma left you for Bob, why is she still so mad at you?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. You would have to ask her that one.”

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