Dark Psychology The Dark Triad

Dark psychology is a game that is well orchestrated by the dark triad group, Although all human beings have a dark side, there is a small group of people who tend to show extreme cases of darkness. Such people are characterized by certain social and mental disorders. There are people who are generally socially out of place. They lack a sense of touch with social norms and tend to show exaggerated levels of evil.

If you want to escape dark psychology, you must learn to spot such individuals. You should be in a position to spot any person who shows characteristics of social disorders and run away from them or stop any relationship before it advances to deeper levels.

Understanding Mental Disorders

A person who suffers from mental disorders has a different way of thinking or perception of reality. These mental disorders vary in range and action. Although there are plenty of mental disorders, only a few are extreme and can be seen outwardly.

When a person is suffering from a certain mental disorder, it is difficult for them to socialize or relate to other people. Mental disorders tend to make people selfish or extremely selfless. Certain mental disorders make people lose self-confidence, while others lead to overconfidence.

It is common for people who suffer from mental disorders to be manipulative. It is also common for people who suffer from low self-esteem.

They may try to show that they are better by trying to gain control. Mental disorders take a person’s dark side to the extreme. Some individuals who suffer from mental disorders completely dissociate with human feelings. lack of emotions in such individuals may lead to violence, and as a result, such individuals perform painful abusive acts without fear. It is important for you to understand all the forms of mental disorders and be on the watch out for dangerous mental disorders.

Top  Mental Disorders

Mood disorders: Mood disorders refer to a mental state where a person may experience episodes of a bad mood all over sudden. Although all people experience bad moods once in a while, a person suffering from mood disorders experiences extreme negativity during such disorders.

When the bad mood occurs, the patient may get violent and abusive. Such people only try using mind control and manipulation when they are experiencing a bad mood episode. Although the bad moods do not last for many days, a person can do a lot of harm within the short hours of a bad mood. Some of the common conditions that are categorized under mood disorders include depression and bipolar disorders among others.

Personality disorders: Personality disorders refer to a situation where a person has a different personality compared to other people. Most people suffering from personality disorders have a different perception of social life. They do not easily socialize with other people and have a different way of perceiving human emotions.

People who suffer from personality disorders are likely to cause harm and manipulation. Examples of personality disorders include narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Psychotic disorders: Psychotic personality disorder refers to individuals who have a psychological or mental difference from others. In this case, the patient’s thinking is limited or insufficient. Such people may be seen to be normal, but a keen observation shows that they are short in some way.

Although they may not be termed to be out of their minds, they are not 100 percent sober. People who suffer from a psychotic personality disorder may be found talking to themselves or lost in their thoughts. Such individuals may also use mind control and manipulation to gain whatever they want. An example of conditions in psychotic disorders.


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