One Word that Will Change Your Life

Change your life


You may want things that are very different from me. That’s okay. The many clients I have worked with over the last few years all had different desires. They proved that the principles in this article can be applied to anything and used by anyone. Now it’s your turn to change your life

The theme of this article is using change to achieve success and happiness. All humans want these things in their lives. But success and happiness will mean something different to everyone who reads this article. Some people measure success in terms of money and material possessions, and that’s great if that’s what works for you. A mother or father might measure success through the application of their parenting skills. A single person could be looking for being used as an excuse to vent hate for people with different views. Unbelievable, but sadly true.

People like this are just a drain on your mental and emotional resources, whether you encounter them in your home environment, at work, or online. They have a knack of being able to wake up the voice of self-doubt in your head and generally make you feel that life is a drudge.

Well, you can start by setting an example, and not behaving like a Bumyears yourself. You can also do your best to avoid such people, but this is not always easy. Online, you can just block someone, but if the Bumyears in your life is a close member of your family or your boss, that’s a different matter. Realistically, you can’t purge your life of every Bumyears, they are everywhere. Even inside the best of us, there is a Bumyears trying to get out.

What you can do, however, is to counter all this negativity with your own supporters.

Who agrees with what you are trying to do and would offer you words of encouragement on a challenging day? Who would love to cheer you on, across the finishing line of your Path?

These are the people you would be wise to hang out with, whether it is people in your day-to-day life or online. These are the people who will help you find success and happiness in a random world.

I think it is a good exercise to take a sheet of paper and brainstorm with yourself exactly who these people are. Some will be obvious – if you have a supportive partner or parent, for example. Others might be less obvious, maybe a cheerful person on the front desk at work, or someone who shares a particular interest with you.

When you consciously recognize who these wonderful people are, you can cultivate your relationship with them, and they are there for you to tap into when the forces of negativity are trying to sap your strength.
Next, it’s time to look at the super-powerful strategy of Achievement Stacking.

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