Productivity and time management are essential skills for people who want to get better results in life. Most people undervalue their time. They behave as if money were more important than time and would gladly trade it to save money.

On the other hand, genuinely productive people understand that time is more important than money. They know that they can always make more money, but they can never get more time. They’re the ones who would gladly spend money to save time.

If you want to know how productive you are, look at the way you use your time. Do you spend hours looking for the best deal online so that you can save a few dollars? Is that something a wealthy person would do? Probably not They consider their time so valuable that they wouldn’t bother doing tasks that they can easily outsource to other people. It didn’t happen overnight, but over time they learned to outsource or delegate low-value tasks to focus on more productive ones. You can learn to do this, too.

Remember that you can always recoup the money, but you can never get your time back. Any second that passes is gone forever, and nothing in the world could change that.

Defining productivity

What is your definition of productivity? For instance, would you say that someone who makes six figures working yo hours at a job they hate is productive? That person might be the company’s most productive employee, but is that what productivity is all about?

For me, productivity doesn’t necessarily mean making a lot of money for each hour I work. Instead, it means spending most of my time doing what I love. That’s making good use of your time. And isn’t that what productivity is about?

I sometimes go for 3o to 6o-minute walks, which I love. Considering Fm building a business, you may think I’d be better off spending that time working. That’s not how I see it. Walking is something I sincerely enjoy. Therefore, how could it not be a good use of my time?

Going for a walk is also a great way to refresh my mind. In fact, my best ideas often come when I’m walking not when I’m sitting at my desk thinking as hard as I can.

What about you? what is your definition of productivity?

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