BODY LANGUAGE IS one of the many ways that we humans communicate but while most people pay attention to words and actions, body language is rarely given attention to. What we say sometimes can be very different from our body language. We may sound happy, but our body language says otherwise and according to experts, our body language takes up half of the way we communicate.

Figuring out how to peruse non-verbal communication viably can enable us to comprehend what somebody is attempting to express, if they are comfortable with the choices they make and if they are genuine about them. We also learn to communicate our messages effectively when we learn to read body language. It goes beyond just what words can put meaning in to.


Believe it or not but body language takes up 55% of our daily communication. However, analyzing nonverbal cues isn’t focused on just the broad strokes. These gestures indicate various things, and it depends entirely on context.
Nonverbal cues are extremely crucial when frying to read someone because, in many ways, you can detect if someone is lying or if they are enjoying a date or how they are as a person when they come in For a job interview. It is tied with finding some hidden meaning to decipher non-verbal communication precisely so you know whether the individual’s words are expressing how they really feel.

Unfortunately, we humans are more inclined to lie than, to tell the truth for plenty of reasons such as avoiding conflict, trying to impress someone, and so on. Sometimes, we end up lying more than once in a short span of time and while they may necessarily not be big lies, we end up doing it anyway. We end up willingly partaking in deception because we rather hear a sweet lie than the bitter truth. In any case, non-verbal communication isn’t as misleading as words our bodies are horrendous liars.

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