Bill Gates: 4 Choices in Life Separate the Doers From the Dreamers

Bill Gates has offered a lot of advice about how to live a happy life and run a good company. The high bar that the Microsoft co-founder sets for himself on a regular basis is not insurmountable.

It would, however, necessitate the creation and practice of new patterns. To pave your own way to greatness, do less dreaming and more about what Bill Gates has done to become the world’s fourth richest individual.

There are four characteristics that distinguish the doers from the dreamers:

1. Doers hone their inquisitiveness.

Gates addressed teachers, parents, and alumni at his Seattle high school alma mater in 2019. “What are the skills today’s students need to know to succeed in the future of 2030 and 2040?” one question presented to Gates is particularly relevant for the next working generation.

“These are the best of times for the curious learner,” Gates responded, “because the chance to continuously update your experience with either podcasts or online tutorials is better than ever.”

The value of inquiry as a framework for gaining information was emphasized by Bill Gates. According to Gates, potential hires will be better prepared for the massive transitions that will occur if they have a development mentality as a base and a desire to remain curious and learn.

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