Avoiding regrets

We tend to regret what we didn’t do more so than what we did do. To borrow Wayne Dyer’s words, the worst thing that can happen to you is ‘dying with the music still in you.” It’s leaving this world having betrayed yourself by living an inauthentic life driven by fear and excuses.

It’s leaving this world knowing that you could have done so much more. It means knowing that you wasted your time and potential doing unimportant things to impress people you didn’t like and buy things you didn’t need. It’s leaving your projects unfinished because you didn’t believe in yourself, it’s never having had the courage to rake the first step. It’s having chosen comfort instead of growth, short-term gratification over long-term vision, or hate over love.

Many people only scratch the surface of their original potential. They don’t dig deep enough to reach the gold mine that lies within them. They’ll look outside of themselves for answers that they can only find within. Jim Rohn used to say that success isn’t something we should pursue, we should attract it by the person we become. I would say that success isn’t something we should pursue. Instead, we should uncover it by finding out who we already are. After all, you can only be successful when your life is aligned with your core values.

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