7 Types of Fatigue which lead to Chronic Fatigue

What is your type of fatigue? We have listed the 7 most common types of fatigue for you, so you can make the arrangements.

There can be a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about what “chronic fatigue” symptoms actually mean and what actually causes various kinds and types of debilitating exhaustion.

There can also be a lot of confusion about the difference between the labels of “ME” (myalgic encephalomyelitis), “chronic fatigue syndrome” (CFS), “post-viral fatigue”, burnout, “adrenal fatigue” and more, all conditions that leave a person with the experience of overwhelming and seemingly inexplicable fatigue.

This article is therefore here to explain the differences. Before entering into the 7 types of unhealthy fatigue, we must first look at what is healthy and normal fatigue …

Normal and healthy fatigue

Normal, healthy fatigue is the tiredness that our body sends us at the end of the day to tell us it’s time to go to bed! This type of fatigue will occur for most adults around 9-10 pm (although it varies from person to person), and it’s the body’s natural clock that tells us it’s time to go to bed so our bodies can rest and rejuvenate for the next day. The amount of sleep each adult needs varies. An average amount is 6 to 8 hours, for some, it might be less, for others more, but the fact is that we should wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to bounce out of bed for the new day.

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