7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning

You stop your alarm, hit the snooze, and drag yourself from bed zombie-eyed. As the clock ticks, you realize you are running late.

You rush to complete your morning chores. You pack your bag while stuffing toast down your throat and making a phone call. You drive in a hurry and reach work just on time.

Some people have a hurried morning routine while some others approach their morning with a lot more grace.

Have you realized when your morning starts in a hurry, the rest of your day follows similar chaos? If you start your morning well, the rest of the day follows suit.

In short, your morning usually sets the tone for your day. Doing the right things in the morning and avoiding the bad habits will make the rest of your day pumped, peaceful and productive.

Here are some of the morning routines or things to avoid in the morning for a better and fresh start. 

1. Don’t Go Straight to Work!

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