6 TOXIC Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate

People have a certain tendency to assimilate and “label” certain behaviors of their partner.

People have a tendency, especially in relationships that have lasted for several years, to assimilate and “label” certain behaviors of their partner in order to justify that he or she is like that; and this is a way of submitting to them, even though they may harm you.

This way of tolerating the other, often we do it because it’s something we choose, thinking this way the relationship will continue, although even with these things are not so fluid. Sometimes we don’t recognize that we are tolerating behaviors that need to be stopped.

Who are these people who are more likely to tolerate toxic behavior?

People who have insecurity or attachment problems, whose emotional needs were not met in childhood, do so more often and for longer periods of time than those who are self-confident and who are more likely to identify harmful behavior because it is something abnormal for them.

People who have suffered emotional neglect as children, for example, who have been teased, belittled, marginalized in their own homes, or emotionally abused, are much more likely to minimize or tolerate the other person’s bad behavior.

These toxic behaviors that we should not tolerate

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