6 Habits That Make Us Less Attractive

Good communication and education are essential to please others.

Not listening, feeling superior, or being rude are just some behaviors that destroy our social relationships.

The important thing is to enjoy yourself. It is a truth that helps us accept ourselves and feel good. In social relationships, certain behavioral habits make us less attractive. This does not mean that we should pretend to be someone else. Being inauthentic makes us less fascinating. However, remember that besides taking care of our physical appearance, it is good to cultivate certain parts of our character to improve our social relationships. So what are the habits that make us less attractive?

Talking too much

Wanting to always be the center of attention, contrary to what makes us less interesting. Constantly interrupting the other person to talk about you or give your opinion is also rude. The result is to appear egocentric, annoy people, and make yourself uninteresting.

Do not listen

The secret to communicating well with others is listening. Not listening, besides being disrespectful to the other person, does not change the conversation and therefore the relationship. Pretending to listen or continually interrupting, therefore, are habits that are not correct and that alienates us from others.

Being too competitive

Being competitive, in the right dose, can be a positive trait at work. In relationships with friends and relatives competitiveness causes tension in conversations. The feeling of being constantly in a race can tire and stress people who won’t want to talk to us anymore.

Being rude and poorly educated

Treating others badly does not make us unique or interesting. Having a rude friend can exhaust in the long run. Education is a fundamental characteristic of healthy and peaceful social relationships with others.

Constantly complaining

If the aim is to attract attention, complaints and pessimism are bad weapons. Being negative, in fact, turns relationships into toxic relationships. By the time other people realize they are absorbed by your constant pessimism, they will prefer to walk away. Telling others about your problems is positive, but you must do so within reason.

Being too confrontational

Relationships with others are not free of quarrels or conflicts. Despite this, being constantly on the warpath for no reason or using pretexts can be stressful. The result is to alienate others or to enter a spiral of discussion and conflict for no reason.

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