5 Signs Reveal An Unfaithful Personality

We dislike being deceived or betrayed and less with lies. When someone lets us down in this way, we feel sad and disappointed.

Do you have doubts about whether your partner is being unfaithful to you? Don’t you know if he’s cheating on you? Many couples in some circumstances come to ask these questions because they do not understand what can motivate the other person to cheat on them. According to an investigation by the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico: men are unfaithful because of the need to have new adventures, while women are unfaithful because of lack of communication.

In psychology, we speak frequently about attachment and in fact, the one that many do not know is the “insecure attachment” that where couples often resort to infidelity as we see in research at the University of Florida and the attachment theory of ” Bowlby John”.

What is and what are the consequences of insecure attachment?

Insecure attachment is one that some people have experienced during their childhood where the parents have responded to some demands of the child, such as providing comfort in some situations, but the opposite has been done in other similar situations. A clear example could be the loss of parents, where the child may feel trauma in the event’s face and the way it has been treated, whether because of abandonment, lack of understanding, etc.

This means that a series of long-term consequences may arise such as

Low self-esteem.



Emotional instability.

Now you ask yourself: What does it have to do with infidelity? The fact of having low self-esteem influences that they always seek to reinforce it and fill the emotional voids they have. Unfaithful people often come from whole homes.

What 5 signs can we detect of an unfaithful personality?

The price of power: Have you ever wondered why many wells-known couples who seem to have everything are unfaithful? Power ends up corrupting and making us want to possess much more, generating attraction for those things we do not have. Perhaps the clearest examples we can give you are athletes, actors, millionaires, presidents.

The adrenaline of risk: Those adventurous people who like risk for the adrenaline it brings are more prone to infidelity.

The tendency to psychopathy: We are not referring to serial killers with this, but to people who do not have empathy and who promise that the relationship is something sacred, although over time they show you it is not. They can even become emotional manipulators.

Physical appearance: Especially people who have a high economic level are influenced by physical appearance, how well you are, physical treatments, and even aesthetic operations. Here, we do not say that all people with a high economic level are like that, but the first thing that enters our eyes is physical appearance. Therefore, it is more likely with people are more likely to take care of themselves.

Sexual desire: Although it is often said that men always want to have sex, this depends on the amount of testosterone you have. The more you have, the libido will be higher. The problem appears when there is some conflict at the sexual level between the couple and there is no talk, no solutions are sought or new wishes are not thought of so that sexual relations are satisfactory.

What do I do if my partner is like this?

Remember that each couple and each person is different; therefore it does not have to be your case. If you think you are in the situation, start by communicating with your partner and seek help from a psychology professional who can guide you at the moment and the experiences you encounter.

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