7 Signs Someone is Using Psychological Manipulation on You

1 they act the victim

psychologically manipulative people can always be put the victim role anywhere they find themselves in, they are always exaggerating or imagining personal issues health issues dependency codependency form deliberate frailty to gain sympathy and favor, all these are done to bring out the emotions in you, you pity them for them to exploit this sense of goodwill and you guilty conscious sense of duty and obligation or protection to gain unreasonable benefits and concession.

2 Guilt bait

For a person who has a soft spot for people or empathy, you fall prey easily to this kind of tactic used by the manipulators in this tactic the manipulator targets your emotional weaknesses, and vulnerabilities by always bringing up unreasonable blaming he holds other people’s responsible for this happiness and success or unhappiness and failure it takes as a point of duty to coerce you into ceding to his or her unreasonable requests, and demands for an empathic person the case is worse because you cannot stand people being emotionally traumatized so the manipulator uses this weakness judiciously to his or her advantage

3 Insecurity

an emotionally insecure person is most times the target for manipulators because insecurity is a severe weakness by the deceivers a manipulator will do anything possible to create a sense of insecurity or inferiority on this victim how this can be done includes negative jokes and sarcasm the often poke fun at your appearance works habits personal lifestyle and anything you can conveniently use against you the whole essence of a plan is to make you feel bad when he or she gets you he hopes to impose psychological superiority over you.

4 Constant judgment

Here the manipulator deliberately attacks you regularly on every slight opportunity gotten he constantly marginalizes ridicules and dismisses you he makes sure that you are always kept off-balance to maintain superiority over you, he makes sure and deliberately fosters the belief that something is still wrong with you, you are never correct that you always have a fault, and that no matter how hard you try you can never be good enough significantly he focuses on the negative providing no genuine or constructive solution or offering any may full ways to help this kind of manipulative studies is found mostly in workplaces.

5 Ignorant behaviors

Professing ignorance is the classic playing dumb tactic and this the manipulator pretends that he or she doesn’t know or understand what you want or want him /her to do this tactic is a secret weapon used by most manipulators and it is commonly seen in the workplace when a person will insist on playing dumb to avoid something and also have someone else do it for him or her children also used this technique to delay stall or manipulate adults and you’re making some things they don’t want to do earlier manipulators use this tactic when they have something to hide or an obligation they wish to protect.

6 Negative Surprises

Manipulators are fond of giving negative surprises, and they always do it when the victim is not ready with the expectation of throwing off balance, and therefore gain a psychological advantage over you these negative surprises range from surprise job assignments to anything that the manipulator knows for sure you cannot succeed the timeframe given for the completion of such task is usually concise so, it’s that way you stand no chance of succeeding worst of it is that to continue his or her manipulation over you the manipulator might ask for additional concessions from you to continue working with you.

7 Undue pressure and emotions

Manipulators will apply an extensive amount of pressure on you and an attempt to get you to decide before you are ready they often give you little or no time to think what you are about to do before deciding, and they often create a false sense of urgency and trying to raise the level of tension this is a common sales and negotiation tactic where the manipulator puts pressure on you to decide before you are ready by applying tension and control on to you, it is hoped that you will crack and give in to his demands manipulators sometimes exceed negative emotions when dealing with this victim and these emotions can include raising their voices when talking to manipulate you aggressively manipulators that use this technique are trying to get you to bend to their will this technique is frequently followed with strong body languages such as standing, or excited movements to increase impact those are seven signs, someone is using psychological manipulation on.

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