22 signs your boss secretly hates you

1. You have a bad feeling

If you feel like your boss treats you differently from others, look for clues that might support your point – or disprove it – because your boss may just be bored with all of his employees.

2. He never makes you take part in decisions

If your entire department has to discuss an important project, and you weren’t invited, it may be because your boss doesn’t trust you. Basically, he doesn’t give a damn about you.

3. He doesn’t look you straight in the eye

Even amid a nervous breakdown, he won’t look you in the eye for fear that hostility will show in his eyes.

4. He doesn’t smile around you

Without taking into account the days when morale is low if your boss categorically refuses to smile every time you are present, there is probably a problem between him and you.

5. He practices “micromanagement”

He is often on your back and gives you small, unimportant assignments just for you. There are two explanations for this: he needs to be in constant control and/or he doesn’t trust you.

6. He avoids you

Does he take the stairs when you wait for the elevator? Or is he waiting for the next one, pretending to be on the phone? He’s avoiding you, that’s clear.

7. He pretends you don’t exist

He doesn’t say hello to you in the morning, or goodbye at night. He snubs you to make you understand that he doesn’t like you. A word of advice, do the opposite.

8. It shortens your conversation

You’ve taken our advice, but when you ask him how he’s doing and he coldly replies, “Good” or emails you without showing politeness, yes, the red flag is raised.

9. It has a “closed” body language

He rolls his eyes after you speak, he constantly crosses his arms, he doesn’t pick up from his computer screen when you walk into his office: these are signals that never lie.

10. He communicates as much as by email

If your boss is slowly becoming distant and no longer bothering to see you in person, it’s because he doesn’t like your company or because you are wasting his time.

11 His door is always closed

If your supervisor leaves his office door closed, that may be a sign. In the open space, he may keep his helmet on when you approach.

12. He constantly disagrees with you

This is one of the best signs to realize that your boss really hates you. Does he reject your ideas, contradict everything you put forward despite your arguments? If this happens once or twice you may be incompetent, but if it happens all the time, then know that he doesn’t like you.

13. The few times he speaks to you is only to talk about work

With your colleagues, he discusses baby, vacation, health, … but with you, he just dictates the day’s work to you? Obviously, your life (and you) does not interest him.

14. He gives you the job nobody wants

If he assigns you a position with tasks well below your skills or experience level, it is because he does not trust you and maybe even he discreetly invites you to look for work. Elsewhere…

15. He does not comment on your results

Normally, if your boss gives you feedback, it’s because he’s looking to improve your job, he also wants you to improve. Otherwise, he doesn’t hope to see you evolve.

16. Or he only gives you negative comments and in front of everyone.

Openly criticizing your efforts or ideas in a meeting is a huge disrespect. If your boss is trying to embarrass you, he really (really) doesn’t like you.

17. He won’t let you take part in his jokes

He is chatting with someone in the office and throwing a joke, funny or not. You laugh to please him, but without looking at you he suggests that your colleague go somewhere else for a coffee and continue this fascinating discussion. Pity.

18. He steals your ideas

He takes your best suggestions – and the merit that goes with it – in front of others. And you can’t say much.

19. He tells you things like “Our two personalities don’t fit,” or “I think we see things differently”

Your boss points out that you are rarely on the same page, he signals to you you are not what he expects. At least, it’s clear.

20. He gives more time to your colleagues than to you

Your boss loses patience when he has to listen to you while he takes care to be attentive with the others, he gives you five minutes max per day while there is an hour left to lunch with the others (he does not invite you anyway), so yeah, he doesn’t like you.

21. You are never invited to important meetings

Either way, he doesn’t want to hear from you.

22. He reassigns your plans to someone else

Sometimes it happens with some poorly organized superiors, but it’s still a very, very bad sign.

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