15 Things Confident People NEVER Do

Confident people believe in their ability to succeed. They think, “How can others believe in me if I can’t believe in myself?” Are you looking to live your life with more confidence and optimism? Then start by learning the 15 things that self-confident people never do.

  1. They don’t make excuses

People who are confident in themselves take full responsibility for their actions.

If they are late for work, it is not because of traffic jams: they are late, period. If they have a flaw or a shortcoming, they don’t look for excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I’m not strong enough. Instead, they will find the time and they will continue to improve – until they can achieve their goals.

  1. They do not avoid confronting their fears

Confident people do not let fear get the better of their goals. They know fully that it is precisely the things they are afraid of that they should try to achieve.

Nietzsche said, “what does not kill strengthens you”.: the things we fear will help us evolve towards the person we want to be.

  1. They do not live in a comfort bubble

People who are confident avoid the “comfort zone. Why do they avoid the comfort zone? Because they know that this comfort bubble is the best place to kill their ambitions. That’s why they actively pursue a feeling of discomfort.

Confident people understand that pushing their own limits is an obligatory step towards success.

  1. They don’t put things off

For confident people, a good plan executed today is better than an excellent plan waiting to be executed.

They don’t wait for the “ideal” time or the “right circumstances” to implement their ambitions. They have understood that in those decisive moments, the only thing that holds them back is the fear of change. When they choose to act, there is only one moment to move forward: it’s here, it’s now, and it’s today!

  1. They don’t care what others think

Confident people don’t dwell on the negative reactions of others.

This does not mean that they do not care about the well-being of others.

They actively seek to contribute positively to the world.

Confident people know that it is pointless to worry about negative opinions that they cannot change. Instead, they focus on having their loved ones accept them as they are.

For the rest, they simply choose not to worry about it: they prefer to move on.

  1. They don’t judge others

People who are confident in themselves have no tolerance for unnecessary judgments about others.

As a result, they do not feel the need to break the sugar on the backs of their friends or take part in gossip about their colleagues.

Similarly, they will not go after people who do not share their opinions. In fact, confident people are so comfortable with themselves that they feel no need to despise others.

  1. They don’t let themselves be stopped by a lack of resources

Confident people know how to take advantage of the resources at their disposal – no matter how modest they may be.

They know that with a little creativity and perseverance, anything is possible! And they won’t give up when they fail.

Instead, they choose to focus on finding a solution.

  1. They don’t compare themselves to others.

Confident people know that they are not in competition with others.

The only person they can compete with is the person they were yesterday.

They know that each woman and man represents an individual story. A story that is so unique that it would be absurd and reductive to compare it to someone else’s.

  1. They don’t please everyone

People who are confident in themselves don’t charm everyone they meet.

They know fully that you cannot please everyone. That’s life.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of their knowledge, they prefer to focus on the quality of their friendships and close relationships.

  1. They don’t need reassurance

Confident people don’t want to be held hands.

They know that life is unfair and that things don’t always go as planned.

Although they cannot control every event in their lives, they know that there is one thing they can always control: their attitude.

People who are confident in themselves are aware of the power to react positively so they can always move forward.

  1. They do not avoid inconvenient truths

People who are confident in themselves know that life’s problems need to be faced as soon as they arise – before they become too big.

They understand that if you wait a few hours, days, or weeks, one unresolved problem will inevitably create others.

For example, they know that it’s better to have a difficult conversation with your partner now than to put it off until tomorrow.

Why is that? Because putting off such a conversation until the next day may jeopardize the couple’s confidence.

  1. They are not discouraged by failure

Confident people always get up after a fall. They know that failure is an integral part of success.

After failure, they become detectives, investigating why didn’t their strategy work? Failure will allow them to improve their approach – and to try again to reach their goal.

  1. They do not wait for others’ permission to act

People who are confident in themselves act without hesitation.

Every day, they remember, “If I don’t act, who will do it for me? »

  1. They have over one trick up their sleeve

Self-confident people don’t limit themselves to one strategy.

They know that they need to use every means at their disposal.

Therefore, they will test the effectiveness of every strategy in their “toolbox”.

Their goal? It is to find a strategy that gives the best result at the lowest cost, in terms of time and effort.

  1. They do not blindly accept everything they read on the Internet

For confident people, an article read on the Internet is not an absolute truth.

When they read an article that offers advice, they will analyze it from their own perspective.

They are skeptical and pragmatic: they only keep what applies to their own lives and eliminate the rest. It’s as simple as that! Let’s take this article as an example: self-confident people know that this type of article is an interesting mental exercise.

They know that only they can decide what it really means to be self-confident! It is up to them to complete the elements of this article they choose to keep.

Here we have shared 15 things that confident people never do 🙂

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