Why Your Husband Doesn’t Respect You

Marriage is based on respect, and many marriages lasted for many years, and when the spouses were asked about the secret in that, the answer was one-word “respect”. After a period of marriage, the feelings of love calm down or may disappear completely, and the character of each person appears strongly and clearly. The polite is the basis of the interaction between the two parties, as feelings of love, maybe generated again, and the marriage ship may survive the flood of problems and differences, but if respect disappears, the marriage rarely continues, even with the attempts of the spouses. In most cases, we find the wife complaining about her husband’s lack of respect for her and changing his way and style with her, so we will tell you in this article the reasons for the husband’s lack of respect for his wife, and tips to overcome this problem.

 Reasons for a husband’s lack of respect for his wife

In the beginning, the lack of respect is not limited to verbal abuse as some believe, but it is a comprehensive term that includes many meanings, and before we tell you, dear, of its most important reasons, let us review with you some scenes that clarify the meaning of Lack of respect:

Not making eye contact or listening to you while talking about an important topic, for example, holding the phone and asking to repeat the conversation, or not responding at all.

Underestimate your opinion, and if you try to express it, he interrupts you during the conversation.

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