What’s Behind Your Recurring Dreams?

Do you often dream about the same thing? Recurring dreams can be a clear sign that something is wrong in your life. Discover their meaning and the keys to interpreting these dreams.

Dreams are one of the main warnings when we go through a bad time in our lives. If for a while you have repetitive dreams or recurring dreams, perhaps your unconscious is signaling you to face a problem you are avoiding. If you are interested in knowing the meaning of recurring dreams, here we will show you the main causes of why these kinds of dreams happen.

Why do we dream?

The main explanation offered by science to understand why dreams happen is that they can help us process and integrate the experiences we have in our daily lives. One of the most significant causes of dreams is that they allow us to cope with the threatening feelings we experience during the day.

Although this is one of the most widespread views, most psychologists also give other explanations about dreams. In them, they suggest that they may be necessary to erase useless memories of the previous day and enter the most useful experiences and knowledge of the day.

There are visions of psychologists like William Domhoff that state that dreams have a meaning that can reveal to the person in question. In this way, analyzing our dreams can provide tools to cope with our emotional and psychological problems.

What are the most common recurring dreams?

There is a class of dreams that we all experience once in our lives. These kinds of dreams not only tell us that something may be wrong with our emotional stability, but they can also give us the keys to dealing with these kinds of problems.  There are also recurring dreams that are very common in the population, among the most popular are:

  • To fly
  • Falling to the void
  • Being persecuted
  • Being naked
  • Tooth decay
  • Dreaming that you are late

Although these repetitive dreams may not appear identical every time you remember them, having them may mean that you are facing a problem you have not yet overcome.

Do recurring dreams have real meaning?

There are many websites and books that will tell you that there really is a concrete and specific interpretation of dreams. These types of descriptions or explanations of dreams are not real because each person must interpret them with their own tools.

Scientific research shows that recurring dreams show that you are facing a situation that generates stress that you cannot solve or avoid. When you have a recurring dream, it can mean that you are facing a real problem that is causing you discomfort. For this reason, dreams can help you identify that you are going through a psychological problem. If you think you might be in this situation, consult a specialist psychologist to help you get through these bad times.

Why do we have recurring dreams?

Experts in dreams suggest that recurring dreams reflect certain important themes in life. The most common issues they may show are.

  1. Unmet needs

One of the main causes of a repetitive dream or a recurring dream is the feeling of pressure we have before an important event. A good example is dreaming that you are late or forgetting everything about a final exam. This recurring dream usually happens when you have had a bad result or have gone through a time when you don’t feel satisfied with yourself.

This dream is very much related to the desire to succeed and a clear concern about failing in front of others.

  1. Frustrations

As we have already pointed out, some theories indicate that dreams can help process the experiences we live in our day. In this way, recurring dreams can appear when you face a new threat or a pothole that does not allow you to reach your goals.

There is other research that shows that repetitive dreams with a negative meaning can be linked to certain unmet psychological needs. The most common are:

  • Autonomy: the need to feel in control of your life
  • Competition: the need to have a significant impact on the lives of others
  • Kinship: the need to care and be cared for by others

Most people who have repetitive dreams felt that they do not meet their expectations in one of these three areas.

  1. Unresolved problems from the past

There are situations that give us a hard time and even leave trauma in our lives. Recurring or repetitive dreams can show that we still have difficulty leaving behind these problems we had in the past. Although it may not seem like it, there are many people who rarely realize the anguish they feel associated with a trauma they could not overcome. Some of the most common traumatic events that result in recurring dreams are.

– Abuse

– Intimidations

– Disasters

– Family conflicts

– Bullying or mobbing

When someone has been a victim of one of these situations and has not been able to fully process this experience, it is very possible that they will experience recurring dreams in their life that are related to what happened.

How to stop recurring dreams?

When we have these kinds of recurring nightmares or dreams that cause us discomfort, the most important thing is to stop and analyze them carefully. To do this, a key will be to keep a dream journal so we can write them down and decipher the meaning of each one of them.  As much as you may have these dreams repeatedly, this will not mean that you will end up feeling better after a while. That’s why we must take action and try to find out what’s really bothering us.

Can dream help in therapy?

Many scientists and specialists attach a lot of importance to dream analysis. In this way, the meaning of a dream can provide information about our own brain, and being a source of help in identifying certain data that we may not have noticed during the day.  Therefore, they can be a good source of information to address certain problems in our lives. Dreams can give us key information that will help us advance our goals.

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