What to Do If You’re in Love with a Married Man?

Love does not prevent and can happen. Your heart cannot decide who to love and who to ignore. But the verdict is there: you are in love with a married man. How do you deal with this situation so as not to suffer? Because going out with a married man is a delicate situation. Should you go out with a married man? Does he really love you? Are you ready to stay the mistress? Should you stop a relationship with a married man? Let’s examine this delicate subject together…

In Love with a Married Man: Taking Stock

Dating a married man is a tricky situation. On the one hand, because it can hurt his wife or endanger his family, and because it can also hurt you.

It doesn’t matter how you met and how your story began. He lied to you or admitted to you from the beginning that he is married. It doesn’t matter how long your story has already lasted. And it doesn’t matter if you love him or he loves you. What you need to remember is that he is married.

And that’s something far from trivial in your relationship.

Dating a married man: passionate or long-term relationship?

The first question to ask yourself is: are you in love with a married man?

Between love and passion, the relationship is sometimes fine, and it is important to differentiate:

The passionate relationship: if it is a one-night stand or a purely passionate relationship, there is no need to worry about it. The main thing is to end the relationship quickly, there is a lot of fish in the sea, and you have no interest in continuing to date a married man.

The long-term relationship: If your relationship is going to last for weeks, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. If you are in love with a married man, you may be unhappy if he won’t leave his wife. Confront him with a fait accompli.

One thing is important: don’t be ashamed to go out with a married man. Love cannot be explained, and you can’t prevent it. The question is whether you’re heading towards a beautiful love story… or whether you’re just going to stay a mistress!

Questions to ask me if I love a married man

Even if you have had a good time together and feel good with him, you will always be number 2 if the man continues to go home every night.

So take stock and ask yourself the right questions about your relationship:

  • Why do you stay with him, even if you know the truth about his relationship?
  • Why is he with you? Maybe he has told you that his relationship is falling apart and that he is getting a divorce soon. But be honest with yourself and ask yourself if he really wants to be with you. Do his promises come with concrete actions?
  • Is your relationship purely sexual, or are you really spending time together? Does he love you as a person?
  • Are you ready to accept the stakes? If you continue your relationship, will you still be able to accept that you are only the mistress? And if he leaves his wife, will you be at peace with your conscience as a “relationship breaker”?
  • Last element to consider: does he really love you? Because he would leave his wife to move in with you. Is he the type to take a new mistress?Open next page below to see more

Don’t forget that a relationship with a married man is far from simple. Unless you’re sure he’s the right one, it’s best to find another lover. And if your instincts tell you he’s only there for sex, it’s best to do yourself a favor and break up the relationship immediately, which will only bring unhappiness.

How do you know if a married man is in love with you?

When you’re together, he says he loves you and wants to be with you. He says that he wants to separate from his wife, but that the divorce should be done in the gentlest way possible so as not to hurt his children. He whispers sweet words and tells you promise.

But are these words real? Maybe he is only telling you what you want to hear. To know if he really loves you, words must be accompanied by deeds:

He will always find time to see you. At lunchtime, on weekends, he will take every opportunity to be with you, not just to make love.

  • He will call you as soon as he can, he will send you several text messages a day. If he only contacts you to organize a sex party, it’s a bad sign.
  • When you are together, you talk about everything and nothing. You don’t always make love. What he wants is to see you and share moments with you, sex or no sex.
  • He is interested in you. If he only talks about his wife or his problems when you are together, you are the third wheel.
  • He is not afraid to show up with you. If you only see him in a hotel room, and he categorically refuses to be seen with you, his relationship with his wife is more important than yours.
  • He is leaving his wife. If he stays with his wife after several months, this is a bad sign. He is not ready to get involved in your relationship, and will probably never leave her

Remember, dating a married man will block you from further encounters. If your partner isn’t ready to do the same by leaving his wife, he doesn’t deserve you.

Stopping a relationship with a married man

Your situation is no longer sufficient, or you have known you are not on the right track? Breaking up with someone will always be a difficult thing, even if you knew from the beginning that your relationship has no chance of lasting.

Here are some things that can help you end a relationship with a married man:

It’s hard to trust a fickle man.

Maybe he really likes you. But how can you be sure? Dating a married man exposes you to a liar:

  • Can you trust someone who has no qualms about cheating on his wife?
  • If he has told you repeatedly that he will leave her, but nothing has changed, isn’t he manipulating you?
  • Is he in the habit of canceling your appointments and giving you excuses? Maybe he is seeing other people…
  • Doesn’t he see you as a sexual object, rather than a real partner?

Always keep in mind that a man who doesn’t leave his wife is likely to love her. If he doesn’t leave her now, he never will.

It is cruel to make the wife of an unfaithful man suffer.

Maybe your lover doesn’t feel guilty, or he blames his wife, but he still continues to see you.

What about you? Can you in good conscience take advantage of the husband of a woman who has done nothing to you?

You can’t be satisfied with a married man.

Aren’t you tired of sharing your lover with his wife? If he really loves you, why doesn’t he leave her once and for all?

If at first you are stoic and bear your pain patiently, in the long run thinking the man you love will never be entirely yours may destabilize you. Dating a married man is not a stable relationship, because you cannot make your own plans, or even live together.

It can also mask an incompatibility between you. Perhaps you cannot live together, and your relationship is only sexual? Maybe the guilty pleasure of deception is the only thing that motivates your relationship?

There are other men on earth

Finally, don’t forget that this married man is not the only man available! Even if you may idealize him, don’t forget that he regularly cheats on his wife. This simple fact shows that he is not as ideal as he seems.

Staying with a married man may prevent you from meeting your soul mate or twin flame since you remain focused on a man who already has his heart set on it.

A good way to find out if he really loves you is to leave him, by letting him know that you don’t want to date a married man, despite your feelings:

  • If he leaves his wife without even being with you, it is proof that he has realized the failure of his couple and of his desire to be with you.
  • If he stays with his wife, it is a proof that you are not that important (it is even worse if he continues to contact you, because it means that he is trying to manipulate you).

You deserve to be with a man who agrees to be in a relationship with you and with you alone, and not with a man who can only see you between 5 and 7 pm.

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