What Is Your % Of Jealousy?

There are different types of jealousy, and within these types, there are levels of jealousy. Find out in this article how jealous you are.

We explain jealousy as an emotion, which says a lot about our personality. Depending on the level of jealousy, we can know:

  • The lack of security of the individual
  • His level of self-esteem (low or high)
  • How possessive the person is.

The problem with the emotion of jealousy is that a high level of jealousy leads to various problems in your relationship. It is this obsessive thought your partner will fall in love with someone else or go to bed with someone who is not you.

It is interesting to note that despite the popular belief that jealousy is not a sign of love; it is clearly a sign of insecurity by those who feel it.

Therefore we have made this (simple) test article so you can get an orientation of your level of jealousy and be careful if your level of jealousy is high in your life. Although jealousy can extend to:

  • friendship
  • the family
  • the children
  • pets
  • material things like house, car.

In this test, we will only talk about jealousy as a couple. If it is likely that the “jealous” personality spreads in several of the areas mentioned, the context may be different for other cases than the couple: such as wanting to control everything.

Jealousy test

Read the questions (aloud if possible) and write: what score do you give yourself? Think of 1 as totally disagreeing and 5 as totally agreeing:

  1. If I see that my partner has left the phone at home, it makes me want to check it.
  2. I am terrified of losing my partner.
  3. If I see pictures of his ex on my partner’s phone, I would think he still loves her and laughs at me.
  4. Over three times a week, I think my partner might be unfaithful to me.
  5. I don’t feel 100% secure in the relationship; I think it could end any day now.
  6. When my partner says nice things about a person of the same sex: I don’t feel safe.
  7. My partner’s friends of the opposite sex intimidate me and put me in danger.
  8. When my partner goes out with his group of friends without me, I have a bad night thinking about who he is going to talk to.
  9. If one day my partner goes to work more neatly than usual, I think he wants to impress someone sexually in his work.
  10. When someone looks at my partner with desire, I feel worse than he does and it increases my insecurity.
  11. Thinking about my partner’s past makes me nervous.
  12. If someone calls my partner on the cell phone, I need to know who it is or I feel bad.
  13. On topics I don’t know about my partner, I question him until he tells me everything.
  14. I compare myself to my partner’s ex-partners and find out how I look like them and how I don’t look like them.
  15. If my partner asks me for “free time” during the week, I think about negative things about what he is going to do in that free time.

Results of the jealousy test

Take out your paper and read your scores, think if more than half of the answers are greater than or equal to the number 3, you are closer to pathological jealousy and must be treated psychologically, why? This can radically and profoundly affect you and your partner.

Pathological jealousy includes all those confused and necessarily unjustified feelings that will transform the lives of the jealous person into a real hell “paved” with doubts. The sickly jealous person will constantly need to know where the other person is, what they are doing, who they are with, etc….

For this reason, it is best to seek the help of mental health professional. Ideally, if you have a guide to help you along the way, life can be easier. Dare to improve today! You can get better.

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