It is said that the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides discovered logic when he sat on a rock in Egypt. Of course, the legend is likely inaccurate, but Parmenides was still one of the first people to develop the concept of logic. Instead of merely citing visual evidence, he created arguments for subjects using thought He is the first to exhibit signs of critical thinking.

The principles of logic pertain to most forms of understanding. Without these principles, human logic would not exist Though simple, understanding the principles of logic makes critical thinking easier.

Three Laws of Logic

Aristotle is considered the father of logic. He believed that, though an abstract solution may exist, it must be backed by proof, thus forcing a logical explanation.

Though he was not the first to require proof to win a debate, he broke down thought processes into distinctive laws, often called the three laws of logic.

These laws are :

1) the law of noncontradiction

2) the law of the excluded middle

3) the principle of identity

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