The Law of Attraction Reality or Baloney?

Many books and video clips have been appearing for a while on this law, which seems magical and so easy to “use”. But what is it?

What is the law of attraction?

Linked to quantum physics, this law assumes that everything in the Universe is energy, which Einstein had demonstrated.

The energies would be vibrations emitted by anything, any being, and which, corresponding to a certain vibratory frequency, would attract by boomerang effect situations of the same frequency level.

Our thoughts would also emit vibrations, and our deep feelings, sometimes unconscious.

But could we then use the law of attraction?

Back in fashion since the famous documentary “The Secret”, this subject has given rise to a good number of books and video capsules on the internet which promise a life of abundance by learning to use it: it would suffice to clearly demonstrate what you want and believe in it to attract, in the matter, fulfillment all your wishes: to be rich, to have the job of your dreams, to find the perfect love, to be in good health, etc.

Many have tried it; many have been very disappointed…

The law of attraction would not be used; you would just have to understand it!

Thought would be creative it would be necessary it is not short-circuited by contrary vibrations which would make that it would therefore not be as clear as it seems.

So if you want to attract financial abundance but deep down, subconsciously, you’ve never really felt legitimate to have money (because of your education, your conditioning), you would issue contradictory vibrations which in the absence of a clear and unequivocal message could not produce the desired effect.

Likewise, if you dream of getting that job that attracts you so much, you could not get satisfaction if you parasitize your wish (which at the mental level seems very clear to you) with negative vibrations (fear of being less efficient than another for example).

As a result, the law of attraction would apply anyway, and that we attract what we “vibrate”, whether for our greater good or causing us harm … knowing that what we want and vibrate is not necessarily what makes us grow…

In case of failure, it would therefore be necessary to tackle the root causes that prevent good vibrations and to effect the internal transformations.

We don’t ask you to believe it!

If this seems very mysterious or if the scientific controversies on the subject make you very skeptical, nothing, however, prevents you from experimenting!

Check that nothing in your subconscious is confusing the message and vibrate your wish to benefit from this law of attraction! You will see…

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