Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Ex and What it Means? 9 Psychological Interpretations

Dreaming about your ex can have several meanings. Do you think that by dreaming about an ex you are missing him or her? You are wrong! Find out what their interpretation can accord to psychology.

When we sleep, we unconsciously access our inner selves. For this very reason, the dream world, and its meaning can be both encouraging and disturbing. Even though when we have beautiful dreams, most of the time we don’t keep the positive part, it is a reality that when these dreams turn out to be something unusual; we end up worrying about them during the whole vigil.

Surely you can identify with these statements if you have just dreamt about your newest ex-boyfriend today or if you have even dreamt about an old boyfriend. But what does it mean to dream about your ex? Does it mean that I miss my ex? There are many reasons to have a dream like this. So much so that dreaming about an ex-boyfriend may not have any relationship with love and may even is interpreted as a very different sign than what you think.

Is it normal to dream about my ex?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming about your ex. So much so that dreaming about a person (whoever they are) is the most common thing in the world, even though they may not be the one you most want to meet in your dreams. It may be a relatively short time since your breakup, and your mind still hasn’t changed the routine of life you were doing with the other person, so you keep dreaming about the things you were doing together, how you were feeling, reliving situations, and even events that at that moment you had given no importance to and suddenly they come back to your mind.

If the time has passed, it also enters normality. Has it never happened to you when you are walking down the street you smell a fragrance and it reminds you of someone? Well, the same thing happens with ex-couples, we have spent a lot of time with them, shared intimacy, and had a trust, so we might see a movie on TV that you had seen together and automatically your head reminds you of that person. The same with other situations.

What does it mean to dream about your ex?

The first thing you should do is not be afraid of the dream you have had. Dreams and nightmares can tell us many things that our subconscious is hiding, or even recapitulating how our day has been. In fact, all the input we see before we go to sleep may have something to do with what we dream about afterward, since it will be the last image we have seen.

Dreams, to a great extent, show us fears or facts that we may not have realized we are avoiding and for each person are different to interpret. Everything we dream has to do with the value and interpretation that each person gives to it, so much so that the meaning of dreaming about your ex-partner has no single explanation.

  1. Something is missing in your life

Dreaming of an ex-husband, or dreaming of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can make you relive the company of being with someone else. So much so it can remind you that there is a void in your life that you want to fill. Perhaps you are not looking for a partner, but simply for more social contact.

  1. You have relationship problems

Sometimes when dreaming about an ex, you may remember the bad moments that are repeated with the current partner. For this reason, if you think you are suffering from a relationship problem, it is vital to analyze what was wrong on your part and try to talk about it with your partner. Communication is essential for a relationship to work.

  1. Experiences of the day

Perhaps you have been dreaming of your ex-partner’s love simply because you have lived an experience that has reminded you of him or her. Whether it is a small object or meeting a friend of your ex-husband or the wife can give free rein to the unconscious to be the trigger to dream about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. You have self-esteem problems

Sometimes the meaning of dreaming about your ex-partner can be closely related to your self-esteem. So much so you may need to hear the words of encouragement that this person sometimes gave you to boost your self-esteem. Also, know that it is not good to resort to a person to enjoy healthy self-esteem. The key is to work on it from the inside and not from the outside.

  1. You are upset with other people

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can go hand in hand with going through a crisis with your friends or family. This happens because many times our ex-partners are associated with feelings of anger or betrayal. In these cases, your unconscious is sending you a signal to reconcile these negative emotions.

Therefore, dreams will have to do with two factors: our daily experiences and those events or people with an important emotional charge for us. Psychologists have compiled the most common interpretations we could give to dreaming about your ex-partner.

  1. You miss some of your ex’s qualities

Sometimes dreaming about an ex-boyfriend may be related to missing him. Whether it’s just one of his qualities (like why he was loving or caring for you) or why you feel lonely, this is one of the most logical interpretations of this dream.

  1. You want more intimacy

Sometimes, dreaming about you flying with your ex can reveal that you want more intimate connections than you currently have.

  1. You are recovering

Dreaming about your ex when you still have feelings for him or her is a clear sign that you are forgetting that person.

  1. You are preparing to move on

There are many cases in which dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can mean that you are getting over the breakup. On these occasions, people wake up not with an emotional malaise but with melancholy.

It is common for dreaming about your ex to mean that you still have some feelings you haven’t gotten over after the breakup. There are more serious cases in which a relationship may have left us with certain consequences on our self-esteem. In these cases, it is essential to see a professional psychologist so he or she can help us recover our emotional well-being.

Where do dreams come from?

Dreams come from the content and the experiences lived during all our lives that are kept in our subconscious. Depending on the situation in which we find ourselves, such as confinement, where your state of mind may be lower, they can be activated and make us relive old situations. Representations that our mind makes us live to tell us we are anxious, stressed, or any state of mind that we are not facing correctly.

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