Mental Fatigue: How To Clear Your Head

Feeling tired? It may result from the exhaustion of your brain from intensive mental work. Learn how to recognize and ease your mental fatigue.

When mental fatigue is not taken seriously and accumulates, it can lead to serious consequences. What if you finally breathe and get some rest? The couple, the work, the organization of activities, the children: a good mix that accumulates the tasks to do and to think about during the week. If we can all multitask, be careful not to overdo it and give in to the “superwoman” or “superman” syndrome.

Symptoms of mental fatigue

Are you becoming irritable? Do you get sick often? Are you clumsy? Your sexual desire drops or is non-existent, and you lose taste in what you like? You probably suffer from mental fatigue from overwork. Get over this trying and hectic life, and follow our advice on how to fight mental fatigue.

You should know that mental fatigue also has repercussions on your physical condition: headaches, loss of energy, digestive problems, etc. If its physical symptoms appear, it’s high time to follow our advice. It’s not possible to manage and control everything, so it’s better to learn to let go than to take on yourself until you’re exhausted.

Techniques against mental fatigue

Learn to delegate: learn to trust others to lighten your mind. If this is not your way, know that everyone has their own way of doing things, don’t supervise, and stop trying to control everything. You can then enjoy reading, watching a show, playing sports, or doing nothing. This allows your mind to escape;

Take the pressure off: did you know that? Perfectionism at its peak wears down the mind because it’s a never-ending story. This obsession is often accompanied by chronic dissatisfaction. How can we avoid giving in to perfectionism? Set a deadline and respect it, and you don’t go back on it once the task is finished. Another trick that works very well is to note your little moments of happiness of the day, from the morning coffee to the sweet words of your partner, note these moments of happiness and release the pressure ;

Rest your mind: in this hyper-connected world, technology is not always the best ally of our mind (one text message and we stop what we are doing, we can stay minutes, hours reading news on our phone while we had an idea in mind, etc.). All this is a source of exhaustion for our minds. You can disconnect from these networks for a while, or you can limit yourself to time slots or several hours a day in order to discipline yourself a little. Another progress is not jumping at every message you receive;

Practice letting goes: take breaks, it’s as simple as that. For those who can’t stop thinking, or suffer from anxiety, stress, or guilt that prevents you from calming your mind, also practice meditation, sophrology, or yoga. These techniques allow you to channel your thoughts and relax mentally and physically;

Put your mind in sleep mode: the mind needs sleep to recharge its batteries. And yet you are preoccupied, you have lots of ideas when it’s time to go to bed? Stimulating your brain by watching a movie before you fall asleep won’t help you. Instead, read a book and move away from the screens. Get into the habit of giving you a little rest and quiet time before going straight to sleep.

Can’t slow down the pace, and are you suffering physically and psychologically from this situation? Professionals in psychology can help and accompany you in this work in order to regain your physical and mental well-being.

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