Is Flirting On Social Media Cheating?

Even cheating or infidelity has innovated because now social networks are the main platform for flirting, and not necessarily with your partner…

Behind an account of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networks could hide infidelity. Although a few decades ago infidelity was all about catching your partner in physical contact with another person, now that has evolved and every social network is the perfect avenue to cheat because it doesn’t just serve as a tool to work, hobbies, communicating with friends and family, it also opens a new door to infidelity.

Technology allows emotions to pass through the screen and not seeing our partner face to face with the person cheating on us or flirting with us, does not justify being unfaithful. Sometimes words or text on social media hurt more than finding your partner in an erotic situation with another person.

Although it is known, there is a high percentage of couples who have ended their relationship because of the internet, mostly cheating men.

Many wonder if exchanging flirty messages with another person or flirting on the internet is infidelity. Here we share what people face when they know their partner is flirting on the internet:

All couples are different

There are no couples who are alike, there are two people who reconcile and know how their relationship is handled on a day-to-day basis, they come to an agreement and in this agreement, they may have had an “open relationship” gives rise to a relationship in harmony. But what happens when a seductive message arrives and the other realizes it, then that message is enough to start hell in your home. The first thing that should be made very clear is that as adults you continue to flirt or to withdraw.

The respect

The damage caused by flirting occurs both if you discover your partner physically and in everything virtual (social media posts and all technological devices). The damage that is generated and the pain is a reality. At the start of your relationship, chances are you and your partner have made some rules, an agreement that must be respected, and sometimes social media is not what it seems. The worst thing that can happen is for your partner to find out what you are doing, and that’s when the trust crumbles and it will be hard to get it back.


Communication will accompany your relationship at all times. But, if you are doing this because you are bored because you want to get out of the routine because in your relationship then communication is zero and you go into virtual flirtation, remember that whoever is playing with the fire burns. And that “little slip” can be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

The damage you cause to your partner will be difficult to repair, sometimes impossible to resolve. Also, it is likely that to get out of the routine you will only do it to distract yourself or to pass the time, so be careful as you might affect two people, one on the other side of the screen. And your partner. Let us remember that not everything that appears on the Internet is full of truth, let alone the pages that promise to find your better half.

Analyze your relationship

If unfortunately, you come across a virtual message from your partner to another person, before discussing it with them, it is best to start analyzing what went wrong in your relationship, what led your partner to flirt, or better said, to virtual infidelity, because whether it is virtual or physical it changes nothing.

When a relationship is good, it is shared, it is communicated, social networks should not be the bone of contention, they are in the background because they will only be used for flirting but with your partner, with no one else. Other. Avoid going through stress, depression, get closer to your partner, there is no communication more effective than face-to-face.

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