How to Leave a Toxic Relationship and Still Love Yourself

After any heartbreak, I believe you leave a bit of yourself with the other person, and you can never get it back. Even though perceptions, memories, feelings, sentiments, tears, and laughter may still be left with past individuals with whom you have shared your life, the emptiness can recover over time and can be filled with joy. This is the human condition and the quest for real love.

The most crucial step in a relationship is to love yourself, and the second is to recognize that it’s time to leave. Relationships will take up a lot of our mental and emotional energy, and when they go bad, they can be excruciatingly painful.The subject of my previous article was how to spot the symptoms of a dysfunctional relationship. But what happens when you spot the warning signals and know you’re in the middle of one?

Seek assistance.

Mates, families, and therapists can help people in unhealthy relationships contribute to change. For this, there is no AA or NA. Changing is an operation, not just a choice. People sometimes return to dysfunctional relationships because they are familiar and therefore relaxed.

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