8 Warning Signs a Relationship Will Fail

The couple is the alliance between the balance and complementarity of the partners. If this balance is not respected, there is little chance that the couple will survive over the years and even after a few months sometimes! At least, if no changes are made. Here are 10 bad habits of your partner that you should run away from or not accept.

  1. The person lacks open-mindedness

Questioning oneself requires self-confidence. Being able to accept different ways of looking at things and accepting others without criticism or judgment is not given to everyone. And yet, in a relationship, open-mindedness is indispensable. Why is this necessary? Because we show that we listen to our partner and that even if we don’t agree with what the other person says, we respect what he or she says and need not argue about it. It also shows emotional maturity. If you don’t feel accepted in your relationship from different points of view, then questioning and discussion are necessary.

  1. The person does not keep their promises

Promises are commitments, and you will surely have realized that not all of us place the same value on them. However, when one does not keep one’s promise, one disappoints the other, and one then gradually loses one’s confidence if promises are not fulfilled. What are the long-term consequences? A lack of trust in the other, and trust, I remind you, is one pillar of a couple.

  1. The person underestimates you

We all have qualities and faults, nobody is perfect, not even you. To be in a couple is to accept the other as he or she is and to value him or her at his or her true value. If you are with this person, it is because you have found him, one day, many qualities compared to his defects. If the other person does not appreciate you at your true value, then it is important to ask yourself about the sincerity of their feelings. Why is this? Because when the feelings are reciprocal, the esteem that one has for the other is obvious.

  1. The person wants to change you

Feeling good and fulfilled in your relationship means showing yourself really as you are. And for that, feel comfortable. Some will get there quickly, others will take a little longer, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that it happens. Your qualities, faults, facial expressions are part of you and that’s what makes your charm! You are a unique person, so don’t change yourself for someone else.

  1. The person feeds the arguments

Fighting is part of married life, even if it’s never fun. However, if your partner is constantly talking about your arguments or topics of dispute, once you’ve closed them, it’s interesting to ask yourself if the person doesn’t want to sabotage the relationship. Also, if your significant other is constantly adding fuel to the fire and fuelling your arguments, he or she is probably subconsciously trying to hurt you or destroy your relationship.

  1. The person is lying to you

Hiding things from your partner can be fatal in the long run. Obviously, we are not talking about hiding a plan for a romantic getaway to surprise the other person or about a little lie. No, pathological lying is a scourge, and the only solution is to advise your partner to see a therapist for treatment. Lying is destructive, just like the lack of feelings and infidelity in a couple. It calls into question.

  1. The person does not listen to you

Communication is the basis of everything, it is a pillar of the couple. Why is that? Because it allows us to share our expectations, desires, and all those things that go through us every day that we want to share. Our partner should be an attentive ear and unfailing support. If he doesn’t listen or only listens a little, it means that he doesn’t pay attention to you and that you are insignificant in his eyes.

  1. The person is overstepping boundaries

Each couple should talk about the limits they set at the beginning of a stable relationship. That is to say, what they do not accept or do not accept: infidelity, jealousy, friendly relations, etc. Once these limits are established, it is essential to respect the other person for the relationship to be healthy. And even if the notion of respect is specific to each person, it is important not to infringe on the convictions and principles of one’s partner. If your partner has exceeded his or her limits, what binds you together?

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