10 Ways People Show You That They Love You

There are countless little ways in which people unconsciously show that they care about us in our daily lives.

In reality, no one really knows how to tell someone that you love them for the first time. Navigating the rough, scary, and exciting waters of a new relationship is beautiful, raw, exciting, and terrifying. As much as you are in love with your new partner, you also want a commitment. But there’s no quicker way to smother the fire of a new love than by making grandiose promises too soon, and there’s no quicker way to plunge yourself into an anxiety attack than by remaining unsure of how someone really feels about you. You want to make your feelings known, but you don’t want to be too hasty with statements that might imply promises you’re not ready to make.

It turns out that love is not a word you say – it’s something you do. Words can be chosen, changed, and manipulated, but actions, as they say, speak for themselves. Knowing whether someone loves you will never be something you are certain of just because the person has said it or not. Words are inherently empty until evidence and experience fill them with the truth. Fighting to understand how someone feels about you when it is too early to say things like “I love you” can infuriate, but it really comes down to our inability to interpret and decipher non-verbal signals.

There are countless little ways in which people unconsciously show that they care about us in our daily lives. And when you note all the little comments, sacrifices, favors, and interests that people make and take when they are around you, you won’t need those promises to know that you are loved. So here are 10 ways a person tells you they love you without having to say a word.

  1. They contact you regularly to talk to you, even if they’re not openly forthcoming.

When someone is strangely reserved with their intentions (but apparently ahead with their actions), it is because they are very interested and don’t want to spoil that by being too obvious or scaring you. This is the standard gesture of people who are in love but are too afraid to say it. Watch this closely.

  1. She takes care of you in the simplest and most human way.

It tells you to rest if you are tired and wishes you a good night’s sleep. She lets you rest on her shoulder or share her jacket. She makes sure you haven’t forgotten to eat (not because you’re helpless, but because you’re so busy doing great things that you sometimes don’t give yourself the time and care you need, and your well-being matters to her). She will take you home. She asks if you need water. You may mistake this for common courtesy, but the desire to really care for someone is unconditional love in its most unbridled form.

  1. She shares her favorite songs with you and listens to yours.

Music is the first and most intimate thing you can share with someone because the music that moves people the most expresses what they really want to say (but don’t think they can). Listen to a playlist of your new lover’s favorite songs and know that he/she is telling you something about who he/she is intrinsic. This is how someone shares the secret and intimate truths about who they are. Similarly, if the person remembers, looks up, or is interested in your musical tastes, they are trying to get to know you on that level.

  1. They ask you questions about the mundane details of your life.

She wants to know what you had for lunch and how your course/work went. What you are watching tonight and the latest drama with your colleague. These little things are interesting to her because they are pieces of who you are.

  1. And she remembers these details, even the ones you quickly share with her.

When you really love someone, you absorb the small parts of who they are and what they do, without even realizing it (until one day you realize that you can remember random facts and try not to look scary).

  1. She/he talks about the future and wants to know what you expect from it.

She really wants to know things like where you see yourself, where you would like to live, what you hope to do. That’s how she assesses whether you might be compatible, whether your future might or might not be common one day.

  1. She learns more about the things you love the most, where you want to live, what you hope to do.

She’s going to sit down and watch the movies you like, take you out to get your favorite food, and that’s not really going to be a sacrifice or anything. She’s happy to do whatever makes you happy. Your happiness seems to be hers too.

  1. It touches you in a very subtle and non-sexual way

She puts your sweater back on or puts her arm around you when it’s cold; she takes you somewhere by holding your hand. She naturally touches you or be close to you, even in the most non-sexual way.

  1. She apologizes when she needs to (and sometimes when she doesn’t need to).

Being able to admit that you were wrong, wrong or inconsiderate is a clear sign that someone cares about you and your relationship with you more than being right. And since being right is great, that person must love you very much. And their apology isn’t always so much because they’re concerned that you’re angry at them, but because they want to hear you say it’s okay.

  1. They always mention the things they like about you.

No matter what you do or how little she understands, she’ll think it’s wonderful, just because you did it, just because it’s yours, just because it’s your thing. She won’t say she loves you … but, she’ll tell you everything she loves.

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