Why the Narcissist Never Apologizes?


Narcissists can never seem to remember past events correctly. They intentionally screw things around to create confusion. But to conclude, those are 3 ways narcissists deal with some of the negative things they have done or are being accused of. They will either try to justify it, minimize it, or forget it. But they will not accept accountability. They will not accept that they have done wrong. They prefer to quickly accept that someone else is at fault.

Narcissists will not repent for their actions. Some may give you fake apologies and even try to act remorseful, but they are not. Yet they are happy for you to think that they are if it means that you will stop talking about it. Because the narcissist despises having their flaws pointed out. And they will always try to excuse their bad behavior, so it is up to us to hold them accountable if we are in the unfortunate situation of dealing with one. We cannot let a narcissist get away with trying to justify or minimize the evil that they do, and do not let them trick you into thinking they do not remember. Of course, if you insist, it will make them mad, and they tend to walk away from people who they cannot persuade. But they need to know we are done drinking their Kool-Aid of lies and that we will no longer accept their excuses.

Remember that when a narcissist hurts you, they are not truly sorry and will not repent. In the mind of the narcissist, everything is permissible for them. They do feel entitled to do and say what they want without consequence. But that is it for today. Please share your experiences below with a narcissist trying to justify or minimize their bad behavior.


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