Why The Narcissist Hates You But Doesn’t Leave You


Basically, narcissistic supply is what narcissists live on, and if you provide any sort of narcissistic supply, or you are their primary source of supply, the narcissist will not want to let you go. They do not like to fully let go of anyone who can provide them with any sort of narcissistic supply. And this is why, even when they leave you for someone else, they still like to keep some sort of relationship going. Narcissists do not like to let go of ex-lovers. They want to keep people around as “tag-along” for when they need them.

The narcissist also does not want you to be happy without them. The narcissist knows that not only are you capable of finding someone better than them but also that you can be happy without them, and nothing would hurt them more than seeing one of their major sources of supply slip through their hands into someone else’s.

Narcissists do not like it when people are genuinely happy, and this is the number one way to know how selfish narcissists are and how much they really hate you. Because they prefer to keep you to themselves, isolated, miserable, and depressed instead of letting you go to find the happiness that you deserve. You become like a prisoner of their own making, and their desire is that you serve them. They just want to take everything they can from you and leave you empty, until they are sure that not only will you not ever be happy, but that you will not be able to bring happiness to anyone else.

The Narcissist Can Trick You With This!

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