When You Completely Cut Off The Narcissist (No Contact)


They are the ones who should decide whether they should block you, ignore you or abandon you. Not you! Even if the narcissist has abandoned you, you can still use no contact. Because narcissists like to make U-turns back into our lives when it benefits them. They also like to remain in contact with their exes to keep feeding off of them. So, it is important to ensure that a narcissist can never waltz back into your life whenever they want to. You need to block them and do whatever you can to keep that door shut. And, when we make the decision to cut them off, their initial response is usually one of anger or rage. And though they may not show it, they are boiling inside.

what happens when you ignore a narcissist?

The anger then turns to shame, but this is an emotion that they desperately try to avoid, so to cope with a supply going no contact in their delusional minds, they may start to deny that that is what has happened.

Narcissists are delusional, but some are more deluded than others, and depending on how useful you were to them, they will refuse to accept that you don’t want anything to do with them. No contact tells the narcissist that you don’t need them. It screams their irrelevance in your life, and this is a reality that narcissists will not accept. So, their denying that this is what is happening is a coping mechanism.

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