When You Completely Cut Off The Narcissist (No Contact)

No contact or zero contact is one of the best ways to deal with narcissists. It keeps them out of your way, out of your life, and you are just free from their manipulations and control. But it is only super effective if you are able to also keep the Narcissist’s flying monkeys at arm’s length.

Flying monkeys are those who side with the narcissist or believe the narcissist’s lies. They can be just as ruthless and toxic as the narcissist and will be working to keep you under the narcissist’s control. That is why spotting and eliminating these flying monkeys is just as important as avoiding contact with the narcissist.

Because, as I explained in this article, just going No Contact with the narcissist alone in many cases will not be enough as the narcissist will use these flying monkeys to pry into your life and affect how others view you, which will make it impossible for you to really move on. But if you are able to successfully establish no contact, the narcissist will go ballistic as they find it very offensive and it can cause a narcissistic injury so grave that the narcissist never recovers from the loss of that supply.

“No Contact” can be powerful. Unfortunately, not everyone can implement it due to maybe having children with a narcissist or simply not being able to totally disconnect from a narcissist for whatever reason. But for those narcissists we are able to black out completely from our lives, it can make them very angry. And it is because narcissists are controlling and they believe that only they should decide who they no longer want in their life.

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