When A Narcissist Perceives You As POWERFUL, This Is What They Do To Confront You

Narcissists are sadists who like seeing you in pain and distress. They have a pathological need to rob you of your happiness; in the eyes of the narcissist, your every word or action is met with this approval. When a narcissist sees their victim grow and be accepted by others, it’s the most painful thing they have ever had to witness. In public, the narcissist is always the good guy, giving the impression that they genuinely care about you. However, they’re continually hatching schemes to bring you out of the shadows.

To narcissists, your role in their lives will remain significant, so long as you continue to provide a purpose and satisfy their need for validation. Whether narcissists view you as an insignificant or formidable target, they will attempt to exert their influence over you. Ultimately, it is about the narcissists having control over everything, not you.

10 Weird Habits Of A Covert Narcissist

In this article, we will examine the various strategies employed by narcissists to eliminate anyone they perceive as a danger. The individuals who are naturally resistant to persuasion are those with a strong mentality; these individuals have acquired a specific level of mental and behavioral maturity.

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