Top 10 Behaviors of the Female Malignant Narcissist


This is the part of the personality that is manipulative, that is exploitative and highly deceptive, and sadistic. Meaning that they gain pleasure from causing other people to suffer physically or emotionally, they get off on the pain; they create in other people’s lives. As you can imagine when you put these three distinct parts of the personality into one, that makes this individual incredibly dangerous and the probability of harm very high.

The typical behaviors you will witness from the female malignant narcissist

First, the female malignant narcissist is much more difficult to identify than her male counterpart, and that’s because she utilizes her femininity and just the fact that she is a female to her advantage. Remember, these people are proficient actors, they have learned how to mimic normal human behavior to other people they target. Usually, female malignant narcissists are harder to recognize because her tricks in her manipulations are disguised under a sweet and feminine demeanor. People are just not usually expecting. This type of pathology and deceptiveness from a female, unfortunately.

 However, we need to be wary of all people in this day and age; we need to know the red flags and the typical behaviors to watch out for everyone that we interact with. This disorder’s just too prevalent in society these days not to be educated.

The female malignant narcissists will use mirroring and love bombing in the stages.

She’s going to mirror back to you all the things that she’s observed are important and meaningful to you. She will pretend that those things are the same things that are important and meaningful to her. And after she gets your attention and interest by mirroring, she will usually slide right into the love-bombing phase to complete the deal, and get you to think that you’ve potentially met this amazing woman who just seems absolutely perfect for you, and this just doesn’t happen in the male-female romantic relationships either.

 The female malignant narcissists will use these same tricks to hook friends, job, career, opportunity, same-sex relationship. Basically, she will use these same techniques for anyone that she encounters she wants to take advantage of.

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