The Narcissist’s Hidden Side


Depression is a mental state of low mood. It is characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest in or pleasure in activities that they would have previously found enjoyable. And I have a theory that this could be one of the reasons why narcissists get bored easily. Their depression does not allow them to hold their excitement or attention for prolonged periods of time. That is why they are always in search of someone or something to ease or distract them from the overwhelming sadness they feel inside. Therefore, narcissists are all about placing their focus on the people and things around them instead of looking within.

Narcissists are not willing to confront their insecurities and the shame that they carry around with them. So, they look to people and things to distract them from themselves. This is where their addictions can come into play as well. Addiction and depression usually go hand in hand as certain addictions can be used to elevate the mood or even make one emotionally numb so that they are not feeling any pain or sadness, nothing.

What words can destroy a narcissist?

The topic of narcissists as addicts is something I have touched on a few times, as people who suffer from this disorder tend to have addictive personalities. Their addictions can vary, but there is bound to be something they are addicted to. But basically, narcissists are a perfect example of people who suffer from hidden depression. So, they do not only try to hide their evil; they also try to hide their sadness.

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