The 3 Most Painful Things A Narcissist Will Do To You


It will not be a negative experience to be in a relationship with a narcissist – at least not at first! Quite the opposite is true. It will be thrilling and enthralling. You will feel entirely understood and seen, and you will most likely receive the best care you have ever received. Initially.

The narcissist will idolize you in the beginning of the relationship, putting the world at your feet. They’ll phone and text you frequently, freely expressing their admiration for you, their love for you, and how vital and special you are to them. They will flatter you and want to be in your company all of the time. The goal of this tactic, known as “lovebombing,” is to pull you into a hazardous condition of emotional dependency on their incessant praise, attention, and affirmation.

And when they’re certain you’ve succumbed to their spell, all hell will break loose. It’s for you. You’ll feel awful without being able to articulate why; you’ll feel guilty, wrong, selfish, and so on. And you’ll fight for more of the tasty praise and attention you used to get. You’ll find yourself making excuses for what you’ve done and who you’ve become. You’ll be obsessed with the recollection of how wonderful things used to be between you, and you’ll be willing to go to any length to reclaim it.

A Narcissist Will Do Three Things To Make You Feel Completely Lost And Shattered – And Never Let You Know It Was Them All Along:

1. Worship’s Devaluation

a wonderful book: Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

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