Stop Seeking Revenge on Covert Narcissists


You should stop tangling with covert narcissists in particular and you won’t see the evil coming. You — and those who witness the exchange — would be unable to imagine that such a kind, caring individual will go to such great lengths to destroy you.

Understanding a hidden narcissist is the most powerful method of retribution.

Understanding why they have to deal with themselves day in and day out, week in and year out, year in and year out is the only way to “win” over a covert narcissist. They aren’t the picture-perfect couple they seem to be. There are a few things to keep in mind:

The narcissistic mask is a phony self that takes a lot of work to keep up. It takes a lot of work to look charming, friendly, and amusing when they are none of these things in fact. They have to work out how a person with “normal” emotions and empathy will respond hundreds of times a day and then imitate those reactions.

It’s draining. When secret narcissists leave the performance zone, that is, when they separate from their “mates” and/or the individuals they are attempting to attract, they find that their vitality is almost depleted. On Quora, narcissists have claimed that they weep much more often than other people think. It’s exhausting to be a showcase for the whole universe.

You don’t really have to try to emotionally exhaust a secret narcissist. They are the ones who do that to themselves.

The Rule of Attraction also applies to narcissists, which isn’t ideal for them. According to the Law of Attraction, if you behave in a manner that shows appreciation for the things you want as if you already have them, you will become a magnet that brings certain things to you. It works, as I can testify from personal experience.

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