Should We Really Fear A Narcissist?


Narcissist loves it when you walk on eggshells around them. They want you to live in fear of what they might do next. They want you to be fearful and paranoid like they are. A narcissist thinks they are above you and that you should submit to them and recognize their superiority. When they manage to deceive you or manipulate you for them, it’s a confirmation of their greatness and strength.

The narcissist also sees your innocence and fair play of genuine kindness as a weakness, a weakness that they will exploit at any given opportunity. Because of their predatory mindset, no one is safe from the narcissist. They use smear campaigns and flying monkeys to intimidate and scare you into a corner of hopelessness. And for those who are in a relationship with a narcissist who is physically abusive, they can end up crippled with fear. Even though it’s obvious that they need to get away, they need to tell the authorities or they need to reach out to a charity that can assist with domestic abuse. Sometimes they don’t because of fear.

The narcissist knows they can paralyze you mentally and spiritually with their words. Their tactic is one of applying pressure from all angles in order to break you, and they do this because narcissists are evil and narcissists are dangerous. I heard people, directly and indirectly, being manipulative, controlling, and selfish. They project their insanity and parallel behaviors onto others. They convince themselves that everyone is like them, that everyone else is wicked and self-serving. They have so many evil traits that I can’t go through them all right now, but I think you get the point.

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