One thing a narcissist will always do in your absence

Why do narcissists deceive and defraud? Others are narcissists who prefer to keep secrets because it offers them power and control over their environment. However, talking about secrets, there is one that stands out among others because it has a direct impact on all parties involved. One thing is clear: narcissistic supplies are a necessity for them, and this is always the reason. So, there’s one thing that makes them even more enthused, and they would be very excited to try it at least once, twice, or only God knows how many times.

What is that, though? Well, you might have guessed it, right? By being dishonest or committing infidelity, narcissists have the best-kept secrets in the dating world, especially if they’re never discovered. This is what gives them a false sense of power.

Before we get into the specifics, here are a few reasons why narcissists cheat on their partners, even when they have everything they could possibly desire. This is because narcissists get bored if they have nothing to do, even if everything else is perfect. After all, there is no fuel for the fire if there isn’t any conflict. It’s crucial to know how they act when they’re cheating, how they respond when they’re caught, and who they’re most likely to have an affair with. Keep in mind that not only is having sex outside of a committed relationship considered infidelity, but it also involves emotionally betraying a spouse or partner. And when it comes to being emotionally or physically unfaithful to their partners, I believe that all narcissists do so at some point. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here.

Firstly, narcissists have no respect for the feelings of those around them, and this is why they cheat. They’ll act as if you don’t exist once you leave their company. Narcissists find it easy to neglect you, take advantage of you, and then discard you when you no longer bring value. They’ll have no problem scamming you as if they were never close to you. not to mention the fact that narcissists are generally dishonest. So, this comes as no surprise.

Why You Are More POWERFUL Than The Narcissist

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