Weird Behaviors After Being Raised And How To Stop Them


Every feature and angle of you is horrible, wrong, and shameful when you’re nurtured by a soul-sucking, self-serving vampire. There is no emotional support, and there is no way out when you’re young. It’s the daily insults and attacks that threaten to ruin you from the inside out.

A mother who is narcissistic expects her children to be just like her. It’s as if they believe their children are born with flaws and that it is their responsibility to help them grow into better people. They don’t comprehend that newborns are born without emotional problems, but they nevertheless believe that their perverted beliefs must be included.

They also expect you to be polite, obedient, and submissive, so you’re never taught to love and accept yourself. You’re taught to despise yourself because you’re a normal, flawed human being. You doubt every decision you make as a child of a narcissist because you’ve been taught you can’t trust yourself or your gut instincts.

That is an issue.

When you discover you didn’t grow up in a typical family.

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