Weird Behaviors After Being Raised And How To Stop Them


Something very painful happens whenever you put some distance between you and them.

You begin to feel better. It’s as if you’ve been sleeping your whole life and then all of a sudden you’re awake. As you grow older, you begin to perceive things in a different light.

It’s not easy to recover from narcissistic abuse; it’s downright painful. You become aware of stuff you don’t want to be aware of. You’re confronted with a reality that throws everything you thought you knew about your life into question.

When you’ve been abused like this for decades, it’s left an indelible scar on your life. You’ve always felt lonely or unsupported until you discover that the person you love and trust the most is actively attempting to ruin your life and happiness.

After a period of no contact with a narcissistic family, it’s evident that you’ve always been alone; you simply didn’t realize it.

You battle with self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth after being raised by a narcissist.

Manipulate a Narcissist (The way to Ethically Manipulate the Manipulator)

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