Not all narcissists are grandiose – the ‘vulnerable’ type can be just as dangerous


However, that mask has a mesmerising quality about it. With the experience of being addicted to their addictive intoxications, I’ve talked about a narcissist in my current work whose attractions slowly sneak up on the reader. Even after being charmed by more dazzling personalities, it was someone with the more subtle characteristics of the covert narcissist who pulled me in the deepest. My interactions with these created personae disguised an inherent emptiness, and it took some soul-searching to figure that out. It was subtle and insidious.

Classic narcissists make the world seem fascinating by infusing it with a drug-like sensation of scintillation and excitement, sucking in adoration and attention. There is an issue with spotting the covert narcissists who aren’t your typical grandiose narcissists since they may sneak in undetected and inflict just as much harm. Or even worse.

Lorna Slade, a psychotherapist possessing vast amounts of experience in helping people recover from narcissistic abuse states that  “Covert or ‘vulnerable’ narcissists tend to be more introverted than grandiose narcissists. But they share the same classic traits. They’re just manifested at a far more subtle, workaday level. Theirs is a much more laser-targeted revenge. But they’re mask wearers: other people will say: ‘What do you mean? They’re lovely.’”

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