New Research Focuses on the Harmfulness of Mindfulness


Mindfulness-meditation techniques, contrary to common opinion, are not always helpful and beneficial to all.

A recent “pain tracking” research looks at the negative impacts of mindfulness-based programs in order to improve their effectiveness.

Most literature has been oblivious to the perceived negative consequences and dangers of mindfulness-meditation activities until recently.

Willoughby Britton, an associate professor of psychology and behavioral behavior at Brown University and head of the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory is a mindfulness scholar and practitioner with a journey to refute mindfulness-meditation theories and dispel the hysteria.

She was part of a 15-member group of researchers that presented ” Mind the Hype ” in the peer-reviewed journal Perspectives on Psychological Science in 2017. “Misinformation and weak methods associated with previous studies of mindfulness could hurt, mislead, and disappoint public consumers,” the paper cautioned.

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