Narcissists Who Are Getting Older, What Happens to The Ageing Narcissist

Today, we’ll be discussing elderly narcissists. Do they have a hard time reconciling the fact that time will always pass? In other words, do you think they’ll improve? I’m curious as to whether or not they evolve, and if so, whether the shift is positive or negative.

Another major concern is the safety of their friends and family members back in the outside world. How do the narcissists loved ones feel about him or her maturing? Because I believe there will always be exceptions, answering such issues is challenging for me. However, for the time being, let’s discuss some of the most typical issues that narcissists experience in old age and how they could be corrected.

Keep in mind that narcissists frequently believe they are entitled to a reward. Selfishness and argumentativeness are not mutually exclusive traits. A person with this feature could be overly sensitive defensive, and unable to handle criticism. Those who thrive in authoritative roles typically resort to manipulative tactics to stay there.

When Will a Narcissist Leave You?

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