How Narcissists Use Money To Manipulate and Exploit People


another horrible way that narcissists use the money to make themselves feel special and superior is they will make you grovel for it? Usually, they will be the ones who control the money. So, if you need some money, you are going to have to go to this person and ask, and depending on the type of mood that they’re in, will determine if you get any money and how much. It’s a degrading process for an adult to go to usually a fellow family member and ask for money, and of course, no one knows this more than the narcissist. They love the fact that you must come to them to grovel for money. They may make you explain why you need this amount of money, questioning your every move.

Another tactic that wealthy narcissists are known for is spending fortunes on themselves on things that they want, but when you want to need something well, you better find whatever it is you’re looking for at a huge discount or second hand. Narcissist loves the power they have to withhold money or make you rationalize every single cent you spend.

Next, one of the incredibly manipulative ways that wealthy narcissists use the money to their advantage is, they will buy you something nice or take you on a beautiful vacation after they have raged at you and abused you for hours and hours and hours. Narcissists are known for buying their victims something nice after a very long session of assault and abuse.

Usually, things like this don’t start taking place until the narcissist knows you are theirs, that you are hooked, or it may not even start happening until after you are married, but they will use money in gifts to ensure that victims are less likely to leave the narcissist after a massive narcissistic rage and emotional and verbal assault.

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