How Narcissists Use Money To Manipulate and Exploit People


Narcissists love to control and power and nothing gives them more power in control than money.

So, let’s talk about some ways narcissists use money to gain control and power over their victims.

1 In the beginning, they are known for being very generous with their money, specifically the overt narcissist. So, maybe you just met this person and he or she is taking you out to really nice dinners, buying you expensive gifts that are inappropriate for the time that you have known them, and they will flaunt their money so that you know well that they have money. They might do things like pick up the tab for the entire table, and if you don’t know what the narcissist is, usually, a victim will think how sweet and generous he or she is, how kind of him to buy everyone’s dinner.

Being generous with money is also usually part of the love-bombing phase. Also, this narcissist knows that by being generous with his money that he will keep the people around him and get high levels of narcissistic supply, by people praising and thanking him for his generosity. However, the generous nature of the narcissist will not remain like this for long.

2 narcissists who have money love to use it to shame and degrade other people, again money is a powerful tool that wealthy narcissists have to support the false phony self. It’s validation to them they are as perfect and special as they think they are. So, they will use their money in audacious ways, flaunting and bragging about their money. Treating other people as less than for not having the money that they have.

In the narcissist mind, having a lot of money more money than most people is proof that they are better than special and superior.

A very wonderful book: Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself

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