How to Make a Narcissist PANIC

Nothing terrifies a narcissist more than the threat of being found out for who they actually are. If you want to make a destructive narcissist panic, point out flaws, discrepancies, and discrepancies in their story and show up with irrefutable proof or evidence. I’m not saying they’re going to roll over and agree with what you might be presenting, but if you’re looking to make them panic, shining a light on their bullshit and potentially exposing them for who they really are, is the fastest way to send them into panic mode.

Nothing terrifies a destructive narcissist more than exposure, which really boils down to not having control over your perception of them or how others see them. If a narcissist feels that they are unable to manipulate your perception, or the perception of others, in terms of how they are viewed, they’re going to panic.

 So few things are more destabilizing for someone who lands on the spectrum of destructive narcissism than not being able to manipulate or control how others see them.

2. Genuine self-esteem & personal power

 If you want to make a narcissist panic, show up with genuine self-esteem and personal power. This equates to the strength of character and authenticity, which will make it virtually impossible for a narcissist to manipulate or control you. They can’t control your perception of yourself, they can’t control your perception of others, and they certainly can’t control your perception of them.

 Few things are going to be more destabilizing for a destructive narcissist again, in addition to potential exposure, than dealing with someone who actually carries personal power, a sense of self-worth, and self-esteem. Why?

 Because there’s no fear of loss on your part when you’re operating from this place of personal power and self-esteem.

You don’t fear abandonment by the narcissist because you do not abandon yourself. And this, in itself, will trigger all of the narcissist abandonment issues and send them right into panic mode.

3. Stay cool.

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