It’s in the Narcissist’s Nature to Lie About Everything


Narcissists are brilliant actors, as with their lies, they can add emotion, dramatic expressions, and some very audacious statements. So, the first one I want to look at is when they stare you dead in the eye and lie to your face. Some liars avoid eye contact, but not narcissists. The narcissist would look you in the eye and take you by the hand, even have tears streaming down their face, and lie to you. Another thing they would do is swear, and I am not talking about making offensive comments or cursing. I am referring to them making solemn statements or vows.

For example, the narcissist would make a vow to God that they didn’t do or say something. They would swear on their parents’ or children’s lives that they are innocent. It all depends on what they know you believe in. So, if they know you are a religious person, then they will make all those statements and promises to God to get you to think that they must be telling the truth. But narcissists do not fear God, and they are prepared to say anything to get you to believe them.

Another tactic they might use to get you to believe them or accept what they’re saying is to threaten to hurt themselves. It is a mind game that they are playing with you. Because now if you don’t believe them and they hurt themselves it’s your fault. And because most people don’t want to be put into that position, they would quickly accept that the narcissist does not hurt themselves.

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